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This company has held more than 100k and they are giving out excuses every time. I have emailed severaly but NO solution is found. They haven't paid my money for over a month now. DON'T BE CHEATED BY ADVERTS. This is a SCAM that is soon to fail

Has the worst customer care service. They are a BIG SCAM. Always creating stories to avoid paying you.

For instance, they always bring up the issue not to approve your account at the first place they had already accepted your account to receive payments so that they can deny you the payments.



There is a free account where you only need an ID and your bank account. Once you register on this you will start receiving payments while they review your account. After three days you will be sent a notification that your account was not approved reason being that you didn't send them the link to the website or your social platform.

Remember you had filled the form previously from the user's end and you sometimes wonder if the filled in information hasn't reflected on their end.

After resending your link to them via email they will then take almost 2 days to enable them to find their next excuse for not paying you your hard earned money.


So the scam continues in rave flutterwave from Individual Account to a business account.
So after sending the link to them, you will be hit by a notification that your business is registered and they cannot approve Your Account. Remember they are clever they had accepted you To receive the payments and they are looking for every reason not to approve your account so that they can have all your money.

So I start the process of looking for a business certificate which takes almost two weeks due to slowness in government processes I'm African countries and finally secure one.

Now I have a business certificate, my personal bank account, and a revenue certificate ready to face the next rave hurdle that I have to pass so that I can have my payments.

As expected I submitted all the documents and waited to hear from them what step I should take next. They took longer than expected to reply back to me, btw they have the worst customer care assistance, so I took an initiative to remind them and I was alerted that they needed my business bank account.

Okay, my questions are why take that long and just come up again and ask for another requirement? Why do you have to be reminded so that you can bring up another issue instead of just being open

Luckily I had a business certificate and I applied for a business account which took no less than an hour but it was a day's activity and came back submitted it on their website. Two days later when I contacted them as I was becoming weary of their back and forth I was told that the changed had not reflected and I should give them the details manually so that they can fill in by themselves.

As I write this document am still waiting for rave flutterwave to verify my account.


My sentiments about this is that you
You should not start receiving payment before you are verified.
Since I haven't started receiving payments as a verified user, I still wonder if they do their settlements.

If possible please find another platform where you can receive your payment seamlessly without any Hussle.

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